Evaluate 3 – Self Reflection

Artifact: Submit evidence of reflection on your individual teaching abilities. Include artifacts, evaluation feedback, your own reflections, e-portfolio links, professional growth plans and anything else that showcases introspection into strengths and weaknesses as an online educator and document all in your individual blog..

I am not yet an online educator, but below you will see Feedback from 2016-2017 School Year which demonstrates Positive learning Environment, Academically challenging, Use of Instructional Strategies and Assessment Strategies.

TKES plan 2tkes plan 3

For the 2017-2018 School Year my PGP is as follows:


This step is dedicated to writing a Professional Learning GOAL. If one of the six indicators applies, you will need to exit this step and select Professional Learning PLAN.

  • Induction level teacher or administrator
  • Educator returning to the profession after an absence of one or more years
  • Educator who is new to Georgia
  • Educator who is working in a field that requires a non-renewable certificate
  • Educator who is working in a certification field in which the educator has not worked before or has not worked in for a long period of time even though the educator is certified in this field
  • Educator whose summative TKES/LKES rating is Level I or II
*Date of Acknowledgement
*Goal Statement

I will contribute to the development of AHS as a Professional Learning Community with an emphasis on building relationships, increasing rigor and increasing student engagement.

1)    I will develop and implement processes and procedures to build community and positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues

2)    I will utilize effective collaboration skills by presenting authentic work (lesson plan, assessment, or student work) and receiving critical peer feedback in my CFG Growth Group

3)    I will improve as a reflective practitioner by observing and being observed once each semester by a Growth Group peer using a CFG observation protocol

4)    I will learn the characteristics of a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset


*Performance Standard(s) to which the goal relates: (Check one or more, as applicable)
Standard 2: Instructional Planning
Standard 3: Instructional Strategies
Standard 4: Differentiated Instruction
Standard 5: Assessment Strategies
Standard 6: Assessment Uses
Standard 7: Positive Learning Environment
Standard 8: Academically Challenging Environment
Standard 9: Professionalism
Identify Data Source(s) used in creating the goal (Examples include but are not limited to: Self-Assessment results, System Priorities, School Improvement Plan, student achievement data, survey data, etc.)

School Professional Learning Plan –

School Stragic Plan

Gallup Engangemrn Survey

TKES Survey Instructional Practices


I will accomplish this goal by taking part in 7 session Critical Friends Growth Groups as a Presenter, Group Particpant and/or Facilitator.


1)    Three relationship reflections in any order: One with students, one with parents, and one with peers; one by September 30, one by November 30, and one March 31  (TKES Standard 7)

2)    Authentic work (lesson plan, assessment, or student work) presented to Growth Group with protocol used: by November 30th and by March 31 (TKES Standards 2,3,4,5,6,8)

3)    Observation protocol, data collected on me, my reflection from observation and data collected each semester – by November 30th and March 31 (TKES Standard 9; plus other related TKES standard based on data collection and how you used it to inform your practice)

4)    A differentiated lesson each semester incorporating researched-based strategies that encourage students to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. – by November 30 and March 31   (TKES Standard 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Below is a lesson plan that shows differentiated learning using Data to drive instruction as well research based strategies to help transform students and classroom into a Growth Mindset classroom.

Differentiated Growth Mindset Lesson_ Practice FRQ


Below is a reflection I did on a teaching strategy named “Right is Right” which is being introduced in the school that I currently teach at.

Right is Right and Growth Mindset

As part of my PD at my school I am part of a Growth Group, which we are to present Authentic student work or a problem currently facing us in the classroom. In our Growth Group we use the Critical Friends Protocols. In this particular Growth Group, I presented a project that I was re-doing for my AP Psychology PLC. Below is the feedback from the group along with some of the changes that were suggested during the feedback.

Growth Group feedback

Below is an example of feedback I ask from my students. After introducing a new tool to the class and after every Unit I liked to get feedback from students to see what they liked and what they didn’t like. I like to use Mentimeter with this type of feedback because it allows me to gauge my students preferences and what tools are useful (either digital or not) and which ones are not. Shortly after this Mentimeter I switched from using One Notes (which according to feedback students did not like) to using Google Classroom. Which despite learning a new platform, the students preferred it over One Note. There was also an increase in using the other materials I provided as it was easier for them to access.



Below you will see a document I created to help all the PLC’s in the current school I teach at. It is a template to be used to analyze student data – formative and summative . The template that I have created has helped our PLC create better common summatives and have allowed us to reflect on our instructional strategies without feeling threatened and make changes accordingly. This has also helped to drive instruction for each unit as we set up expectations for the Unit.

Data Snap



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