Evaluate 3 – Personalized Teaching and Learning

Artifact: Provide sample data from student results for a course within your field. The data can be entirely theoretical and written out in text form.

Create: Examine your sample student performance data. Create an action plan that you would implement in your classroom to personalize teaching and learning.  Provide both a class and individual approach in your plan.

Answer:  How could the data be referenced to identify the needs of each student? How could the settings of the LMS be used to create personalized learning paths? How would this data change your teaching plan? How could it help with remediation or enrichment, etc.?

Student data Evaluate

In order to personalize learning, I would have ALL (whole class) students write down the questions they got wrong with the correct answer choice. I would then have students who received less than a 75% on the assessment (which is given at the end of lesson) complete a short reteaching lesson based on the standards they missed. Those that scored above a 75 would submit their notes on which questions they got wrong and why and what the correct answer is and then allow them to move on.

Data can be referenced to Id needs of students by analyzing the results and creating a threshold for competency for each assessment/assignment given in the course. With data you can see if a student is progressively getting better or worse in the class, or if there is a specific learning area the student is deficient in.  You can set an LMS to help with personalized learning by creating something like an IF THEN statement based on data: If you reached this percentage on this assignment you may proceed here, if you attained this you may go here.  Understanding where my students are, as far as attainment of knowledge through data,  will allow me to ID those who need remediation (to be retaught) or to give enrichment opportunity.  Data would/ could and has changed my teaching plan because sometimes you may think your lesson is great, but it didn’t translate well with students.


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