Evaluate 2 – Data Driven Instruction & Analysis

Reflect: Review the artifacts above on student enrollments and student progress in the course.

Answer: How might the teacher adjust the course in the future based on the previous activity of these students? What uses does data have for online instruction? What advantages do teachers who utilize data have over those that do not?

A teacher can adjust the course based on data by omitting/changing the lesson or tool that had the least amount of completion. Assessments that were scored low can be looked at as well, perhaps rephrasing of sentences, or lessons need to be better laid out in order for students to retain information. Online data gives the teacher concrete  evidence of student and class performance; the teacher can see how a student does over time or even look at how students use a particular tool. Teachers who utilize data have more advantages than those who do not; these data driven teachers are able to offer better feedback to students, give students a more personalized learning experience and overall become a better teacher because they can identify weakness in lessons.


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