Evaluate 2 – Competencies

Create: For this section, set up a competency structure using standards for one unit of your sample course. Associate the assignments in that unit with the competency.

Artifact: Submit both a screenshot of the structure and a detailed explanation of why you created the structure that way. Include a discussion of the various pathways a student may go through to attain the competencies in the unit and document all in your blog.

The competency that I chose was SSUSH21 The Student will explain economic growth and its impact on the United States 1945-1970. In order for students to show that they are competent int his standard I crated a learning objective that is a”student choice” They will be able to choose from a few choices: Create a powtoon/video, create prezi, google slide or ppt, create a magazine, write an essay. 

What ever the student chooses they will be graded by each of the the three sub-standards in SSUSH 21. The students will create “proposal” which allows them to stay on track through all the lessons. For each sub-standard students will complete differentiated lessons, that will guide them towards attaining skills/ knowledge needed for the competency and give them time to work on the final product. (Essentially this would be like giving students checkpoints, and help those students who are procrastinators.)


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