Evaluate 1 – Summative Assessments

Artifact: Showcase an assessment created and include what method was used to assess the validity, reliability, and security.

Answer: What process was used to determine the validity, reliability, and security of the assessment? What was the result?

Unit 4 Spring US History

This assessment can be considered valid, because the questions follow the good rule of “Two throw aways and two think it through’s” – essentially students will have to REALLY know the material to know the correct answer; each question, then, has a distractor. These questions were pulled from different banks as well as created by our PLC team, who have been teaching the content for a minimum of 5 years.  This assessment is reliable because each question is tied to the standard. Which as a PLC, we were mandated to have common assessments based on standards.  The overall results of the assessment is then attached to Major Assessment Grade (Test Grade). The security of this test is high as we use Examview (I had to convert the file for this purpose and not I do not think this test is secure for further use) and students are unable to access our bank of questions as they are on a secured server only accessible to teachers.


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