Evaluate 1 – Summative Assessments

Artifact: Showcase an assessment created and include what method was used to assess the validity, reliability, and security.

Answer: What process was used to determine the validity, reliability, and security of the assessment? What was the result?


For this assessment students were assessed on their understanding of Standard 17.  This assessment can be considered valid, because the questions follow the good rule of “Two throw aways and two think it through’s” – essentially students will have to REALLY know the material to know the correct answer; each question, then, has a distractor. This assessment is reliable because each question is tied to the standard. The overall results of the assessment is then attached to the class grade  in the minor assessment category. This type of assessment (Google Forms) is very secure as you can turn the assessment on and off, require log-in, limit it to one time, allow one question at a time. I always prefer for the assessments to show students the wrong answer, so they can correct any misconceptions they have.


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