Evaluate 1 – Formative Assessments

Reflect: Consider the best means of developing and delivering assessments, projects, and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals and assess learning progress by measuring student achievement of learning goals.

Answer: How might a teacher employ ways to formatively assess student readiness for course content and method of delivery?

Artifact: To demonstrate this, create a formative assessment related to a learning standard. Post a link to the assessment or activity in your blog. Explain.

For this Formative assessment the Standard is SSUSH18D: ID Eleanor Roosevelt as a symbol of social progress and women’s activism

Students can work in a pair or solo to complete this assignment; to demonstrate learning they not only have to find 4 major accomplishments dealing with minorities (African Americans and women) but also quote and picture (essentially an actual symbol) Students will then share what they know with not only me,  but with the rest of the world via Social Media. **If a student does not have social media, they can email it to you**  This activity is used as a formative assessment by providing students a public way to demonstrate their learning; what I am looking for is that they can Identify Eleanor Roosevelt (picture) they understand her impact (her quote and achievements). If students are unable to meet the criteria, it allows me to identify which students need to be retaught. The fact that this activity is online and public, allows students to view others work and can gauge their own work against others.

This formative assessment allows students multiple opportunities to practice concepts and self-check by being able to practice several concepts: 1) computer research 2) collaboration and 3) digital citizenship. Students are able to self-check their learning by looking/viewing at their classmates and students from other classes’ work. If there work was not right they had a chance to delete the wrong info and Try again.

The formative assessment guides delivery of material by allowing students remediation (essentially a try again) after going to a reteach session with me. Those that did well, and met the standards, are able to comment on their 2-3 classmates posts. The response is to include further insight or give a video/website dealing with the 4 accomplishments.  This assessment provides insight to student learning of the standard; whether they are able to meet it or not, it also provides insight as to which students are able to find proper internet sources.


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