Create 4 – Learning Object Authoring Tools

Research: Based on an understanding of learning object authoring tools, locate two learning object authoring tools (free or fee-based).  Link to the tools in your blog.

Answer: How might each tool be used in an online classroom? What features should an online teacher look for in a learning object tool?

TedED – This is tool can be used in an online classroom because this tool is meant to help you flip your classroom.  This tool is great because it allows you to include both videos to start and built in assessment builder to check for understanding.  It also allows you to include extended learning opportunities where students can analyze information from multiple sources allowing the DOK level to go up. This online tool is Free to use; and no you don’t just have to use TED talks

Quizlet  this tool can be used to create a running list of unit vocabulary terms. If you create a class account, every one can contribute to the list, or you can rotate a “scribe” like position through each week. This tool allows students to test themselves as well as play games. You can also copy the list to your private teacher account and assign the list as a quiz once the list is complete.

The most important feature that an online teacher needs to look for in an object tool is to make sure that the tool is user friendly and helps the student learn the content.


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