Create 4 – Build Portable Learning Objects

Create:Using your lesson topic, build two high quality, reusable learning objects.

Artifact: Link to the two high quality, reusable learning objects build by you.

Answer:What is the intended use of your learning objects?  How might the objects be used in an online or blended classroom?


Quizlet the intended use for this learning object is a study tool for vocabulary. This can be used in a variety of ways by the students. They can use them as flash cards to help them learn/study. There is also a matching game that allows you to beat your best time and/or compete with others that are doing the same set of words.  Quizlet can be used both online and in a blended classroom. Online you can assign the study set to the class as a whole and they can compete with each other for quickest match time.  In a blended classroom, the teacher can use the Quizlet Live mode, which allows students to work collaboratively to match the term with definition. the intended use for this learning object is a tool to acquire and learn vocabulary. This is a great tool for English teachers and history teachers as students can learn vocabulary prior to reading a selected reading, which will ultimately help with comprehension. The great thing about is as a teacher you can see who is completing vocab set assignments, as well as what are each students trouble words and the class as a whole. The tool also ranks the users by the most points ( the more you go over vocab/get them right, the more points you accrue) As a teacher, both online and blended, you can create a weekly leader board. Giving Kudos and creating a sense of competition.

I am unable to directly link you to my created lists, as you have to be one of my assigned students. Please see the picture belowvocab com



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