Create 4 – Aggregating Lesson Material

Research: As discussed throughout the quest, collecting or curating learning objects, resources, and learning material enriches the e-learning environment. Research and identify two tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material, other than the two mentioned in the lesson. Link to the two tools in your blog.

Answer: Thinking about instructional design, how does each tool benefit the learner by aggregating and presenting material in a cohesive manner? Are there drawbacks to the tools you researched?

Google Classroom – Google classroom is a great place aggregate learning and present learning. Google classroom aggregates learning by creating folders in your drive. Any assignments/ lessons/ tools etc,  that are given in Google classroom will automatically appear in each students Drive. In Google Classroom you can present information and lessons easily through the “stream”, educators have the opportunity to use the stream as they wish; make announcement, ticket out door, discussion threads, assign assignments. Google tools are automatically embedded into the classroom and depending on your district you can also invite guardians into the classroom so they can see what is going on in your digital space. There WAS a draw back to this as you could only use Google classroom if your district or school purchased Gsuite for Education. However, Google has realized that many other people can benefit from open source LMS/CMS as this. You can create MOOCS or online courses, PD etc with you private gmail account.

Courseites by Blackboard or Blackboard – Courseites is the free version of Blackboard and gives you many capabilities. BLackboard /Coursesites allows teachers to create Modules, units of learning (or whatever verbage you would like to use) and stick everything into the module. You can further break down the module into lessons with resources just for that lesson .  The positive to this LMS is that many universities and business around the country use this platform for their online classes and training’s, so you are helping your students get ready for college and career.  Downside is that it does look a little clunky, as far as the looks, it does not have the streamline look, but otherwise it is great! You have access to student data, down to if they even opened a a resource. With the paid version you can link it to other tools like turnitincom


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