Create 3 – Open Educational Resources

Research: Spend time perusing the vast amount of open educational resources and examining the different usage rights regarding creative commons items.

Create: In your blog post, create a definition of open educational resources.

Answer: What are the various Creative Commons licenses one may encounter when searching for these resources?

Definition for Open Educational Resources: These resources are ones that can be found in open/public domains and have a licence that is open or free use. The purpose of these open source materials is to: share with the community freely without legal infringement and to create an open data source for educators and learners.

The various Creative Common licenses  are listed below on the image found on an open source website.  There are 6 types of copyright licences:

  1. You can copy, to remix etc. with attributes to the original creator
  2. You can copy, to remix and make profit with attributes but must new product must be given same CC
  3. Allows for commercial and non-commercial distribution as long as original product is unchanged.
  4. Allows for remixing, tweaking etc for non commercial use with attribution, but the new licence does not have to be the same.
  5. This is the same as #4 but the new license must be the same as the original
  6. This allows people to download and share as long as they give that person credit; no changing and no use commercially; this is the most restrictive
  7. creative-commons-783531_1280

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