Create 3 – Fair Use and TEACH Act

Answer: How might an online or blended classroom teacher use Fair Use when gathering resources for educational purposes? What observations have you made about Fair Use and the TEACH Act and how has it changed your approach to finding reliable content for your students?

When teaching in an online or blended classroom a teacher must ask four questions: 1. what is the purpose? 2. How much do I need to use 3. What effect does this material have? 4. What is the nature of the work? The answers to these questions can guide the educator in the right direction. For example,  if the answer to #2 is you need to use 6 chapters of a 12  chapter book, it is safe to say that purchasing a class set would be better.

There are a few main differences between the Fair Use and TEACH Act; Fair use is for anyone looking for educational resources. While the TEACH Act is specifically for educators and media that is copied must be used in a asynchronous classroom setting.




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