Create 2 – Web Tools for Differentiation of Teacher Instruction

Create: Select one of the web tools mentioned in Create and build a new learning focused tool to differentiate instruction.

Artifact: Link to your created learning tool or take a screenshot and post in your blog.

Hyperdocs – Using google docs with links to video’s/readings and other resources.

Answer: What tool did you choose?  How do you plan to use the tool effectively with students? How does the tool differentiate the lesson? Explain.

I used Google Docs: which can be created to be interactive by making it a Hyperdoc. I plan to use this tool effectively by creating personalized paths of learning for students; This allows them to take charge of their own learning. Hyperdocs allows students to directly link to other tools and resources and provides one common area (the doc) to come back to and answer guiding questions, reflections questions. etc. You can also include formative assessment withing a hyperdoc, embed videos and other multimedia. I love to use hyperdocs because I always give students the opportunity, to read about the topic, watch about the topic and/or explore somewhere else. It allows students to take charge of their own learning.


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