Create 2 – Web Tools for Differentiation of Student Assessment

Create: Using your lesson topic, create an assessment that allows students to produce a summative assessment product using web tools. Isolate one web tool that aligns with differentiation and student assessment. Post the tool to your blog. Create detailed instructions explaining to students the assessment requirements. Then, create a sample product that uses the web tool to guide your students.

Artifact: Link to the sample product in your blog.

Answer:  How do you plan to use the tool effectively with students? How does the tool differentiate the assessment? Explain.

This tool differentiates the assessment of knowing the WWII battles by allowing students to not only show me where the battle took place to but to tell me everything they know about it, find and image (that depicts what they think the battle(s) look like) and go that extra mile (if they choose to) to add a video.  The geo-spatial location helps those that tend to need to be hands on, while the written portion differentiates for others. Being able to add videos as an extra, differentiates for those students who really know the material and need that extra push and can add to the library of resources.

This assessment is better than a multiple choice quiz, as it allows students to go that extra mile and really understand and show HOW MUCH they know about the battles. You can do a “learning check” after this assessment which is a student-self assessment based on  standards which lets the students know if they got or hit the right spots. (With history the focus of the event is different from state to state)


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