Create 2 – Explore Web Tools

Research – Find five instructional web tools that offer a variety of opportunities for learners.  Link to each web tool considered in your blog.

Answer – What is the intended use for each tool? How might you use each tool in online teaching? How might a student use the tool? Is there a cost associated with the tool?

  1. Padlet – this tool is great for using as for class collaboration. It easily supports almost every file type.  A student can use this tool privately, as their are different settings on padlet, they can also use this tool tool on group collabs. This is free to use and easy to use!
  2. Pocket – this tool is intended to save articles, videos etc from the web and place them in one are to view later – from any of your devices that are logged in. When your pocket is activated as a chrome extension you can even pocket articles on your Twitter feed.  This tool can be used in online teaching by allowing students to save articles, videos etc that are dealing with a particular subject. Pocket is free, but you can upgrade to premium.
  3. Todays Meet – This tool is intended to give a voice to all students. This tool can help during synchronous sessions. The tool allows you to create a backchannel that can make you discussion/lesson even more engaging. You can also open up “rooms” for on the spot collab space, and close them when you want. Todays Meet is free.
  4. Powtoon – this tool is intended as presentation tool, but with a lot of pizzazz. This tool can be used by both the teach and students. The teacher can present information to students or the tool can be used by the students as a formative! I LOVE this tool. Powtoon is free, with limited use, you have to pay for premium in order to get full use and be able to download/share.
  5. Canva –  This tool is intended to create/design graphics – whether it be a pamphlet, magazine cover etc. This tool can help to bring creativity to assignments; on Canva students can express their knowledge artistically. This is free; there are premium aspects, however, there a lot of capabilities with the free version,



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