Create 1- Content Map

Answer: What should be included in the Content Map? What aspects of online learning and technology are essential to integrate in the process?

Content maps can include all sorts of information: content maps should include the main concepts (which derive from standards), technology being used, assessments, key terms. The most essential aspects of online learning and technology to integrate in the process are the digital tools that would make learning more impactful and assessments.

Create: Isolate a web tool explored in this lesson, and then create a Content Map for the chosen topic using that web tool. Be sure to highlight technology tools used in your lesson plan.

Artifact: Include this content map and a link to the tool used in your blog.

The tool used to create the content map was

** Because the picture is small, I only decided to include main concept and digital tools to be used. It would be beneficial to also include the standard being covered**


 Technology is used throughout to teach specific lesson and also to teach students how to use the digital tool:
  • Government Mobilization – Padlet – students will contribute to a collaborative padlet
  • Japanese – Americans – Ted Talk – students will watch a Ted Talk
  • Pearl Harbor – Youtube – Students will watch the actual video of FDR’s “Infamy” speech
  • African Americans – Google Image search – students will be given only an image with questions and will have to FIO (Figure it out). They will learn how to use a google image search.
  • The war: European and Pacific Front – Students will create a MY MAP to show where all the major battles took place.
  • Military Weapons: Traditional – students will use Google Advance search to find credible sources for the land, air and sea
  • Military weapons: Manhattan Project – Web tour – students will take a web tour of the three different areas in which the Manhattan project took place.

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