Create 1 Appearance

Research: Find ten instructional websites that offer a variety of opportunities for learners.  Link to each website considered in your blog.

  1. Kahn Academy
  2. Brain Pop
  4. ABCya
  5. Starfall
  7. NoRedInk
  8. TenMarks
  9. USATestPrep
  10. PHET

Answer:  Which sites exemplify sound design ideals?  Why?  Which sites do not adhere to the design elements discussed in this lesson? Why?

Artifact: Provide a screenshot of 2 websites considered to offer a compare and contrast of design elements.


Khan Academy – The educational website displays great design elements. There is “clean” look, with the font same throughout and easy to read. This website uses color to coordinate with different topics and uses simple images that coordinate with the topics. Students who go to this site, can easily navigate and understand where to go.

kahn academy

kahn academy2


Brain Pop – This is “Kid Friendly” website. Although it looks busier than Khan Academy, it still displays some good design elements. The negatives of this website are the full color background of the site, layers by others colors as well as two scrolling bars (one at the bottom and another at the top) This makes it a little busy on the eyes, however, the purpose of the site is fun and education.






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