Communicate 3 – Digital Feedback

Create: Using the examples above as a point of reference, create three digital resources that could be utilized when evaluating student work and discuss in your blog how these resources would enhance the level of specific feedback offered to students. These should be original creations.

Artifact: Place the three digital resources that were created in your blog.

Peer Feedback! Peer feedback is very important. It can be used to during an assignment; student give feedback of what they liked, what they didn’t what they though didn’t quite make the standard, and give suggestions to improve. Peer Feedback can also b e used at the end of an assignment; just as a mid-assignment peer review, classmates would give each other the plus deltas and personal thoughts. Allowing students to see their peers work allows them to also self-evaluate. Did I do as good as “so and so” Oh I love this, next time I am going to to do something similar”  Peer review allows students to learn the information and concepts better as well as they need to have a grasp on the content in order to be able to grade of the Rubric.

Whole Class Feedback  This method is great when EVERYONE does not meet a standard or is making the same mistakes, or Everyone has done a great job!  Typically I use whole class feedback as a tool for students to review as the next unit test will have questions on those commonly missed standards. There is a direct correlation between students who read the feedback and those who do not

Individual Feedback – this feedback is meant to be fun, make the student smile  and let them know you think they have done a great job. In a traditional classroom this meme can easily be replaced with a “high five” or something of that nature; but in an online classroom we do not get the opportunity for that form of positive feedback. So a funny meme it is! Who doesn’t like a funny meme?


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