Communicate 3 – Feedback

Create: Choose a standards-based area of study and create an assignment. Then create a method for assessing student work utilizing one of the mediums discussed in this lesson. Ensure the tool demonstrates an instructor’s employment of effective feedback.

Artifact: Post the student assignment, as well as the method of assessment in your blog. In addition, show the use one of the feedback methods discussed in this lesson.

Assignment: Reading and crash course video prior to class on how a bill becomes a law.

 Assessment: How a bill becomes a law flowchart

Feedback: Great job! You have clear understanding of the basic  bill process. Take a look at my flow chart and see how they compare, and what it missing form yours. Make sure to fill it in and correct it. Submit it to me with the changes by 10/15 and I will add 2 points to your grade.  85/100


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