Communicate 2 – Synchronous Sessions

Reflect: Reflect upon the importance of utilizing a synchronous session to “create a true classroom culture” online.

Answer: How does integrating synchronous learning sessions within the online environment assist in developing a learning community for students? Discuss this question at length in your blog.

Synchronous learning helps to develop a more “genuine” classroom experience as students can engage in discussions and have face to face interactions with the teacher. Synchronous learning can also help the teacher to know students better, as to whether they are grasping the material or not. Synchronous learning can also positively  put a little more pressure in making sure students are fully engaged in the course.

Artifact: Create an outline or lesson plan of a 30 minute synchronous session which you would facilitate.  What activities would you include?  What transitions are needed? How might you use the session as a formative assessment? How would your session a build learning community among your students?

Greeting to class

Short discussion: What do you think Japanese Internment camps were like

intro to TED talk video – Watch video together

Discussion on video – How does George Takei’s experience differ from the original video you watched on you own? Why do you think there are differences? Do think something like this can happen again?

Reflect: What would you do if something like this began to happen again? Share your answer with classmates and respond to at least two others.

I would be able to use the session as formative assessment by how the students are engaging in conversation (if hey did not watch the initial video than they will not be able to answer questions)  I will also allow the quiet students to reflect afterwards. The session can build a community because students will be engaging in authentic discussion and sharing their personal opinions.


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