Communicate 2 – Ongoing Communication

Creating a collaborative online community amongst stakeholders is an essential part of all virtual instruction programs and best practices.

Reflect:  Think about the examples provided throughout this lesson. Identify two highly effective methods of communicating with stakeholders. Create an artifact for each utilizing the resources outlined. 2 artifacts should be included in your blog. Ensure the products are creative, informative, and adheres to FERPA guidelines.

Artifact 1: My school Newsletter the principal puts out every Monday Morning! It is great.


Artifact 2: Email parents. In my district it is very easy to email parents as I can do it directly from my gradebook and all of the parent emails are imported for me automatically.


Answer: Why is ongoing communication in the online classroom important? How does the newsletter differ from mandatory communications?

Ongoing information is important because you do not get to see students or teachers face to face, this is the only way to make sure that EVERYONE knows what it going on. Newsletters are different as they can a serve as reminders, or as ‘”hey! look what we have done so far” Newsletters show the teacher is going out of their way to have authentic communication with stakeholders.


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