Communicate 2 – Discussions

Answer:What role or purpose do discussion forums serve in the online classroom and are they effective? How do discussion forums function as a teaching tool? How could they be used effectively and ineffectively? What are some best practices for facilitating forums online?


Discussion forums are important in the online classroom because students are able to express their ideas and be able to read and/or comment on classmates posts. This allows students to learn how to collaborate in an online community. Discussion forum are effective as students are able to take their time to create a composed answer and reply to classmates. Discussion forums could be ineffective if there is no monitoring and if students are not given discussion forum “rules and expectations” students will not know how to properly respond to each other. Best practices would be 1) teacher stays involved 2) require students to respond to at least 2-3 other students in thoughtful manner (give them rules and expectations)


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