Communicate 1 – Communication Guidelines

Explore: Research effective communication guidelines within the online learning environment.

Create: Reflect on the needs for your individual Communication Plan. Then, construct a general outline that includes the following:

Welcome email (generic for all courses): Hello Parents, Guardians, Students and School facilitators. My name is Adriana De Lap and I will be the online teacher. Next week, Monday May 1, I will be holding a live meeting session to help you get familiarized with the platform, online learning and course expectations. 

Personal notes versus mass communication to stakeholders (appropriate times)  Personal notes will be on a individual basis using email or phone call. Mass communication can be sent in various forms, either through mass tex (Remind)m email or newsletter. 

Stakeholders: All stakeholders will receive regular communication from me. Parents will be CC’d in student emails pertaining to grades and scores.  

School Policies regarding Communication – School policy is to communicate with the instructor only to the school email provided to you. Social media or any another forms of communication are not allowed

Tools available for effective Communication – The tools that will be available to have effectice communication will be one or any of the following, email, Remind texts, phone calls, email blasts, newsletters

Provide the communication outline in your blog.


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