Navigate 3 – LMS Reporting

Explore: Identify the major tool categories in Learning Management Systems.

Answer: What are the most relevant features offered within an LMS?  Which features directly relate to effective online instruction?  How might you use these features in the online classroom environment?

Grade reporting in an LMS are very important. the data given from these analytics can be used in various ways: A teacher can look at student data to see how students are doing overall, how they have done on a specific assignment or how they compare with past years or even similar courses (but different time slot). An administrator can also look at the data to see how teachers are doing in teaching a particular course. Through numbers over the time an administrator can see if an educator is effective or not. Course developers can look at data to see what worked and what didn’t. Essentially, this can help create a better and more streamlined classroom environment. At the program developer level, data collected will allow them to see which programs/classes/courses  have been able to retain high numbers and which ones have dwindled. Or maybe they can see a pattern that some courses students prefer to take in the spring v. the fall (or vice versa). Knowing this information can help a program save money or even make more money if they offer the correct courses.

The level of reporting that remains the most valuable to online teachers would be the Student and Teacher analytics. The student data  will help a teacher know which lessons worked, which ones didn’t, which students need more help etc. Having access to their own teacher analytics allows the teacher to self-evaluate and perhaps self-correct any problems that may be occurring.


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