Navigate 3 – Course Creation within LMS

Explore: After selecting and downloading a trial LMS, create a course shell and make note of the various tools available.

 Create: Then, select content to upload to the course shell. To assist with this process, please refer to the content material delineated below.

Answer: While the content loads, note the steps completed to fully load the package and make it viewable. What were those steps? Is it important to follow these steps? Write a description of the experience in your blog.

I already had a Coursesite (free blackboard) set up, after downloading and and extracting the Zipped file I found out that I didn’t need to unzip the file. Under “content management”  and clicked  on my courses content management and uploaded the zipped folder ( I didn’t even need to extract the file!) I then created a New module labeled Introduction to Digital Citizenship and included the first file that directs students onto webpage. It is navigable and all the content on the page is there.

This was a very easy process, as long as you know how to do it, i.e. are given the training of how to do this.


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