Communicate 1 – Communication Definitions

Sherry Turkle, a renowned psychologist and sociologist, has been evaluating the effects of technology and the importance of effective communication in the online world. In the video, “Connected: But Alone?,” Turkle highlights the methods in which technology alters the manner in which we communicate.

Explore:Consider Turkle’s perspective while viewing the video. How do we change our communicative patterns and personas as the result of technology? I believe we need to be more aware of our use of technology. For example, texting and emailing during meetings are an etiquette NO NO. I think there needs to be digital manners taught in the similar way that children learn dinner table manners etc.  

Answer: How have your individual communication skills changed as with the innovations in technology? How have advancements in technology altered classroom communication? Will these change further?

With the innovation in technology  I believe my communication skills have gotten better. I am not much of a conversationalist, i.e. I do not like talking on the phone and I am very bad at keeping up  with friends ad family. With new technologies, like texting, emailing and even social media like Facebook I am able to keep up with friends and family a lot easier.  In the classroom it has gotten a lot easier to communicate with students and parents and vise versa. This works out well, however, in my first few years of teaching I fell into the “trap’ of never being out of school. Students were constantly texting (via remind) or emailing and I would respond right away… which played havoc on my work/life balance. I have since changed and students know that I do not respond after a certain time ( I have children of my own) and they understand and are not upset.  Only true emergencies get answered right away.

I have also noticed that communication is now about being proactive, reaching out to parents and making sure that students have a way to communicate with you other than email.


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