Navigate 2 – LMS Trends

Explore: Research trends in digital learning and select the trend that will make the most impact on digital learning over the next five years.

Answer: Which trend did you select? How do you foresee this trend impacting online learning?  Will this trend be a learning fad or will it become an essential part of online learning in the future? Explain.


A few years ago, during an internship for my Graduate degree, I conducted a study on MOOC’s and the impacts on Higher Learning. My professor and I came to a conclusion that free knowledge – professional or educational –  was great, especially knowledge attained from a prestigious university could help you stand out. But we concurred that MOOC’s, at that time had no legitimacy within higher education and perhaps would not be accepted in the professional world.

Fast forward 5 years…

I am an avid MOOC taker on is one of the top MOOC providers with institution such Berkley, Harvard and MIT giving certified courses. These certification help to build your professional development, which smart 21st century, out-of-the-box companies are looking for and pushing for in their employees. is now providing certified “micromasters”- with successful completion of the series a person may apply at the actual university and apply some of those courses as COURSE CREDIT.  Edx, also offers an Educator program called ConnectED which allows Educators to take selected courses FOR FREE & CERTIFIED   – SEE INFO BELOW


U.S. teachers and students who are interested in receiving free Verified Certificates as part of the ConnectED Initiative please follow these easy steps:

  1. Enroll in a teacher training or AP® level course.
  2. Email with the subject line “ConnectED.” Include your full name, city, state, zipcode and the course name.
  3. You will be contacted by a member of the edX support team who will provide with a code and instructions to pursue to a Verified Certificate free of charge.

MOOC’s are changing the path for Professional Learning, and even opening up pathways for those who are seeking to change careers or advance careers but cannot afford formal schooling. If these top Universities are standing behind their product, those in the professional world will be accepting it. MOOC’s have become an essential part of PD, I do believe in 5 years more companies and people will catch on to its legitimacy and will be used more. MOOC’s are here to stay.


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