Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

Explore: Which LMS is best?  Consolidate the information about open and commercial LMS presented in this lesson.  Select your favorite LMS.

Answer: Which LMS is best? How does the selected LMS meet the needs of all stakeholders, including administrators, students, teachers and faculty, instructional technology, development, support, and parents? How does the selected LMS align with the initiatives, growth, and technological needs of your organization?

The LMS I have chosen as best is Google Classroom, although Google classroom itself has not been considered a LMS because it lacks an actual gradebook, it does not house content itself (although it attaches to drive) and does not automate course enrollment. Alice Keeler, an expert on Google Classroom, calls Google Classroom a “Google Drive Management”.  Whatever the name this system works best to meets the needs of the stakeholders at my present school. Once a teacher switches to Google Classroom, once will notice that assignments and lessons will become students centered and collaboratively and technology driven. I Google Classroom allows teachers to communicate with students and parents – as our district has integrated it without SIS.

Google Classroom also makes PD effortless, we can now offer synchronous and asynchronous PD depending on teacher preference!  Administrators, are also able to keep track of who is turning grades or other important paper work – this helps to keep others accountable.

Google Classroom aligns with out school and district initiatives as we are moving to paperless as well as student driven Personalized learning. Google Classroom allows you to give a particular assignment to an entire class(es) or just a particular student or set of students. We are lucky enough to be a one-to-one device school which allows for a more personalized learning experience for students.


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