Navigate 1 – Synchronous Vendor Market

Explore: Select one of the synchronous vendor applications listed in this lesson. Try-out the application.  Think about how you would use this application to host a live lesson with students.

Answer: What synchronous vendor application/tool did you select? Using the application, what did you experience using the synchronous learning tool? Was the task easy? Challenging? Did the process present problems? Document the responses and general reflections on synchronous learning and the recorded session in your blog.


I selected Google+ Hangouts because it is free to use and it comes as part of your gsuite if you have an Gmail.  If a student does not have a Gmail account it is easy and free to set up. The application itself is not difficult to use; you are able to use it from your laptop, tablet and even your mobile device. The only thing I did notice is that in order to add someone to the conversation that person must already be in  your contact; my assumption is that as a teacher you would pre-load the contact information. I think overall,  Google Hangouts is great  there is also Google Hangouts On Air which would allow the synchronous lesson turn to an asynchronous lesson for those who couldn’t make it or those who need to freshen up on the material!!


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