Navigate 1 – Screen Capture

Explore: Try-out a screencasting tool of your choice.  

Create: Create a screen capture sample lesson (under 2 minutes) in which you explain a educational concept for students.

Artifact: Post a link to your screen capture sample lesson in your blog. Please be sure this is publicly available to view with no sign-in required.

Answer: How does screen capture function in the online classroom? How would the integration of screen capture modify teaching methods?

**I apologize for the poor sound quality! I am still learning! and I don’t have the best equipment.. yet!**

Screen Capture is a great way to help those students who are struggling online, or even those that are taking the course to recover a grade. Screen Capture can also help to demonstrate skills that need to be learned or even features of functions of a webpage or new tool. Screen capture can modify Online teaching methods, it can become a bit more classroom like, especially when giving directions!

Screen capture is also a great tool for PD in order to give teachers a choice for face-to-face training or online, or even to create a a content area to go back as reference


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