Participate 4 – Digital Health

Create: Create a digital calendar containing scheduled appointments designed to improve digital health. Embed the calendar (or include a screenshot of the calendar) in your blog.

Answer: How did you modify your technology habits? What is the most proactive means of ensuring the most balanced blend of technology and well-being? What can students and teachers do to make sure they get the most from technology while simultaneously safeguarding good health?


Many of us, students, parents and teachers, do not spend the time to focus on  our digital health. I make a habit to not be on a device past 9:30pm and I cut off all technology for my children at 7:00pm. Some days I am not the best at this, especially when I have to grade papers. I also know that my students are up late (VERY LATE) as I get assignments turned in at 1:00am.

Placing a spot on my calendar has made me a bit more proactive as I have set an alarm to go off to remind me to put my device down – the alarm, for me, has seemed to be the most proactive.  As far as my students are concerned, I may begin to deduct points if they turn in assignments past a certain hour.(Although, after speaking with admin, they said I cannot do this as this is not standards drive) I have begun to incorporate nature walks once a week with my advisement hour students, we all leave our (except me for emergency) our phones in the class, and go on our nature trail for 25 minutes. It is has been very enjoyable. On the nature walks I have gotten to know my students better.  Students and teachers can use technology well and have good health habits by setting “working hours” – this gives good life/work balance.


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