Participate 4 – Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Artifact: Formulate a plan for supporting and protecting a Digital Learning Community through Digital Rights and Responsibilities.  Share your plan in your blog.


1. How can a DLC ensure that citizens within the community have access to an environment where an AUP protects members as well as the community itself, where individuals uphold laws, and a cooperative/collective venture provides robust, safe, and ethical resources and opportunities for learning?

2. What is the best way to establish and maintain a flourishing DLC where citizens understand, observe, and are inclined to willingly support and ultimately benefit from Digital Rights and Responsibilities?



A DLC can ensure that citizens within the community has and upholds the AUP using a few steps.

First, when a new member joins the DLC manager(s) will send the AUP to the new member so they are aware 1. Its location within the DLC 2. Their rights and responsibility and 3. Joining the DLC means they agree to follow and uphold the AUP and Digital Rights and Responsibility 4. Not following the AUP will get you dismissed from the DLC.

Second, the DLC manager(s) should be monitoring activity within the DLC in order to ensure that citizens within the community are upholding the AUP.

Third, the AUP and the Digital Rights and Responsibilities should be posted in the digital community where everyone can see it or have access to it. If the DLC is not a website layout, or does not allow subpages, Reposting the AUP every quarter (3 months) should be enough to remind digital citizens.


An AUP in a DLC should focus on a variety of topics: Digital Rights, Digital responsibility – content being shared (copyrighted) give name of original owner if remixing, cyberbullying, Netiquitte . This can be ensured by having content or DLC managers that look through posts and reminds citizens of rules.

The best way to establish and maintain a DLC where digital citizens support the Digital Right and Responsibilities is to remind the digital citizens of their rights and responsibilities and acknowledging how upholding them will benefit everyone in the community.  I have seen this technique be used in a DLC that I am currently a part of and it works great. The moderator will remind every one of the Rights and Responsibilities, what the positives are for following them are and what the negatives (consequences) would be.


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