Participate 2- Collecting Reputable Digital Resources

Research: Complete the web-based walkabout and collect and categorize sources of embed code, software, web tools, and services that make online teaching more engaging, efficient, and effective.

Artifact: Describe the walkabout experience in your blog and add a link to the list of social-bookmarked resources compiled during the exploration.

Answer: What were the three most useful tools or resources resulting from the web walkabout? How can students be taught to safely collect tools and resources that can help them maximize their learning? What policies or procedures might need to be in place to make this possible?


Made with Padlet


A month ago I began my Educational Technology Padlet, tonight I finally was able to add more to it. I completed a “walkabout” of the internet to find resources and tools that would make digital learning and teaching easier.  My Padlet is an open source,which means you are able to post to it,  and if you find a useful resource or are currently usig one that you would like to share with other please add to it! Here is a link to my Padlet

Top Three tools

One of the most useful tools or resources that resulted from my walkabout was a great website that I found is entitled “99 Top Technologies for Online Teaching” . The site provides direct links to other sites or software that will make online teaching easier or more effective. The technologies/tools are broken down into different categories ranging from Digital Learning Communities to Learning Management Systems.

Another useful tool that I found was This is a web based tool that allows users to paste URLs and get embed codes for images and videos. This can help teaches with their websites, blogs and even hyperdocs

The third useful resource that I found was a website called Tech Savvy Educator; this website gives tools and resources by subject. It was nice to see a resource broken down by content, as the most difficult thing to do with technology is figuring out how to incorporate it within your content area.

Collecting Resources & Policies and Procedures to put in place in the classroom

Students can be taught to safely collect tools and resources by embedding it into lessons. This is the method that I am currently using. Every lesson I incorporate a space for students to share an extra resource that they found to share out with their classmates. I also have done whole lessons that incorporate seeking out resources first in order to learn together, I provide a social bookmarking space, for example Padlet, where they have access to add and look at content that was placed by other students. I have been able to do this in my classroom because I have CLEAR expectations on what is appropriate and what is not, I provide students with examples of what great resources look like.


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