Participate 1 -Joining a DLC

Explore: Explore and find your own examples of Digital Learning Communities. While bookmarking the sites, remember to complete the following:

tag each site with appropriate keywords, annotate each entry with a descriptive sentence or phrase


Artifact: Share a link to your bookmarks in your blog. (NB. Google bookmarks links are not publically available.  If using Google bookmarks, please include a screenshot of your links in your blog.) After bookmarking three likely DLCs, reflect for a moment on which one of the five is most worthy of joining.

Join one of the DLCs from the list (or another of personal interest). Consider how citizens in an online environment find a reputable digital community that aligns with their particular interests and needs.

Answer: What is the name of the DLC joined and the reason why the DLC was the most intriguing? What traits made the DLCs explored more noticeable or impressive than the others? What is the DLC like? What can Digital Citizens do to make the process of joining a DLC more appealing to and easier for students?


Digital Learning Communities or DLC’s, are meant to connect people, regardless of distance, in order to develop and discuss ideas and to create an environment where learning can take place. DLC’s can be found in a myriad of places.

I actually joined two DLC’s: Google Educator Groups (GEG) Google Educator Groups can be found in G+ in G-suite; there are many different GEG’s from all over the world. Currently, I am a part of GEG Georgia and GEG Florida as I am duo certified. I joined Google Educator Groups specifically because I teach using Google classroom and I am working on getting Google Educator certified. I also love to share and learn more about the latest technologies to make learning more fun and personalized using technology. People are on/in the DLC and contribute to it everyday. GEG Florida was much easier to join than GA. I am still currently (over a month later) waiting for the approval to join the GA GEG group. That is pretty frustrating as I currently teach in GA and would like to connect with teachers in this state. Joining DLC’s can be made more appealing  by making sure there are not TOO many hoops to jump through and making sure there is someone “manning” the join requests.



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